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Our Loss Adjusters will :

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Make contact with the client immediately after notification of a complex claim or at any time during the life of a claim as required.

Attend at the client’s premises within 48 hours or sooner if needed, to discuss the claim with the client. Reassurance for clients that the help they need is by their side.

Meet the loss adjuster appointed by the insurers and help them to conclude their enquiries into policy liability. Liaison with the right people at the right time. This is crucial to the successful outcome of any claim.

Organise contractors to secure and make premises safe (but not to pay for this), to advise the insured on how to mitigate the loss, to salvage partially or undamaged goods and to minimise business disruption. Also advise on the appointment of specialists that may be required, including engineers, surveyors, valuers or contractors. The CEC team are experienced and knowledgeable in helping the client make the right decisions at a very vulnerable time.

Advise the client on the possibility of alternative premises or the acceptability of incurring increased costs to keep the business functioning profitably. Common sense advice from professionals with a wealth of experience in helping businesses to survive a major loss.

Assist in the quantification of loss and the presentation of evidence relating to that loss. Also liaise with the client’s accountant to get the data with which prepare and quantify any BI claim. Help and support in an unfamiliar situation for the client.

Negotiate settlement of the claim with the insurance company’s representative/loss adjuster and arrange interim payments where required. Pro-active working by CEC to ensure settlement is not to the disadvantage of the Client. CEC will resist any unjustified repudiations and support the client throughout.

Ordinarily Insurers will arrange for the investigation of Liability claims made against the client and conduct the claim.  CEC includes technical advice upon liability matters. CEC provides valuable guidance on policy compliance issues.

To find out more and discuss how the service can help you, contact:
Christine Thomson on 0141 781 4695