Broker Services


Technical claims support and advice on all claims issues (including policy/legal liability, interpretation of policy wording and market practise/attitude of insurers). This is especially useful for the broker’s administrative and clerical staff.

A dedicated loss adjuster to assist clients directly with complex claims – thus relieving the broker of the onerous task of visits and claims advice. Savings on time spent on a claim is a cost saving to the Broker’s business.

Warning of any potential areas of conflict with the client arising from application of exclusions, underinsurance and problems that could lead to allegations of breach of duty by the broker. Valuable notice to protect your client relationship and ensures that any issues can be carefully handled with the client or the insurer before any arguments arise.

General advice to the broker on policy set up/renewal matters – including assessment of appropriate sums insured for buildings/plant/stock, gross profit calculation for BI policies, application of warranties and exclusions. (Site visits to inspect and value property or review portfolio of properties is an optional extra).Effective use of the service to help clearly identify to a client any contentious risk detail.

Quick and straightforward contact and notification processes. Interactive Website access makes for fast and efficient response times to matters that are urgent and important to you and your Client.

Unique Log-in for Broker and staff to CEC website. Easy and simple electronic system to provide the service. No complex new business or renewal processes. Minimum Client data required and uncomplicated payments process via the CEC website.

Assistance with set up and marketing of the service. CEC will also help with promotion and documentation wording for sales purposes including staff training.

To find out more and discuss how the service can help you, contact:
Christine Thomson on 0141 781 4695