After The Event

What can we do to help?

Where the Enhanced Claims Service is not in place and a new or existing client (who hasn’t planned for a disaster) requires assistance on a claim, CEC can provide a loss adjuster who is best suited to the client’s needs.

CEC has access to a network of Chartered Loss Adjusters throughout the UK who are experienced in representing policyholders. This may be immediately after the loss has occurred or some months into negotiations. A ‘no cost’ first meeting with our adjuster will allow us to advise on the merits of the case. Instructions can be given at any time during the life of a claim. No time restriction on when help can start.

The cost of this service is met directly by the client, but this can be based on an hourly charge for the work undertaken up to a pre-arranged limit, or on a no-win no-fee basis. A reasonable cost that is consistent with the outcome of the claim.

Having a loss adjuster working for your client, allows them to concentrate on the recovery of their business and saves you time and effort with difficult protracted calls and meetings with insurers and their specialists, particularly where these may involve matters beyond your realm of expertise. CEC provides the extra support required to alleviate the problems a major loss can involve.

To find out more and discuss how the service can help you, contact:
Christine Thomson on 0141 781 4695