Technical Claims support for Insurance Brokers and Clients

Our objective is to give an excellent claims assistance service to brokers and their clients on any complex claim. We use experienced qualified loss adjusters throughout the UK to work with CEC Brokers to enhance claims service delivery.

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About Us

Our Inspiration

The Claims Equilibrium Club was formed in March 2003 for insurance brokers who wanted to give a better more balanced claims service to their clients at no extra cost. The Brokers knew they wanted a specialist loss adjuster to represent their clients but didn’t know how they could afford it. CEC was the answer – membership of the club provided brokers and their clients with expert claims assistance whenever needed. “We call it – balancing things up” Brokers no longer need to feel under-resourced or lacking technical skills, on complex major incidents involving their clients. Not only that, but the club is dedicated to ensuring clients quickly get the best settlement the policy provides.The role of the Loss Adjuster working for the policyholder has grown in importance and we believe will continue to do so. We work closely with our Loss Adjuster partners (CILA registered) to ensure the Broker can rely on the integrity and expertise of the adjuster appointed, to guarantee your client’s interests are represented 100%.

The CEC Team

  • Christine Thomson – General Manager
  • Linda Topping – Office Manager
  • Christine Willis – Claims Co-ordinator

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